We actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We believe that by actively participating in the avoidance and reduction of food waste, as well as environmental protection, we can contribute to society and promote these concepts to the public. Furthermore, we have received certifications and awards for providing employees with opportunities to learn new skills and enhance their abilities in a pleasant working environment and culture.


The design of our mooncake gift box is made of paper. It can be used as a luxury jewelry box, giving the mooncake gift box a “second life”.

We organized the “Mooncake Boxes Recycling Campaign” to raise public awareness about recycling. You may bring any Imperial Patisserie’s mooncake gift box to retail shops to enjoy a $20 discount on purchasing pastry products. The mooncake gift boxes will be handed over to recyclers to be reprocessed into raw materials and recycled into several useful resources.

*The Campaign period is from 7 September 2023 to 31 October 203. Customers need to bring the whole Imperial Patisserie mooncake gift box to the retail shop for recycling. You can enjoy a $20 discount on purchasing pastry products (excluding holiday products and gift coupons).
*These Terms and Conditions are subject to prevailing regulatory requirements. Imperial Patisserie reserves the right of final decision on the eligibility of any customer for the relevant offer(s).


We believe in equal opportunities for everyone who seeks employment, regardless of their disabilities, ethnic background, or the need for retraining. Our goal is to help individuals acquire valuable work skills, boost their confidence, and unleash their full potential, empowering them to become active members of society. Moreover, we have no age restrictions for retirement, and we enthusiastically invite elderly individuals, middle-aged individuals, and retirees to join our team and share their valuable experiences. Furthermore, we provide practical opportunities for students and graduates to gain work experience and develop a positive and professional work ethic even before they officially enter the workforce.

We have been honored with commendation awards such as the “Partner Employer Award,” “Happy Company,” and “Consumer Caring” for our dedication to creating a pleasant, relaxed, and inclusive workplace for our employees.


Our employees are covered by the MPF system. We have received “The Good MPF Employer Award” from The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemed Authority (MPFA).


In our pursuit of becoming a “green citizen” and making a contribution to environmental protection, we prioritize several key areas: room temperature control, paper conservation, waste management, and environmentally friendly procurement. We are honored to receive “Hong Kong Green Award – Green Management Award (GMA)” for a fourth consecutive year.


We cooperate with different charities and social welfare organizations, including Food Angel, Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society (HKNPIS), and the Hong Kong Federation of the Blind. We have donated mooncakes, egg rolls, and palmiers to both grassroots and individuals in need, to spread warmth and blessings and reduce food waste.